Topics: political and epistemic violence, Peace and Conflict Research, Criticism and Theory of Knowledge & Science, Feminist Theory of International Relations, Post- and Decolonial Theory, education and human rights


University of Klagenfurt, Centre for Peace Studies and Peace Education

Courses in Summer 2021
War, Peace, and Gender [in German]

Thinking Further (Freedom from)Violence [in German]

Epistemic Violence in Educational and Social Work [in German]

Social Epistemology. Theory of Science and Social Criticism [in German]

Courses in Winter 2020
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Research [in German]

On the Gender of Knowledge. Foundations of Feminist Criticism of Science and Society [in German]

Pandemic und Politics. Debates beyond the Virological Imperative [in German]

Battle of the Sexes for the Occident? Discourses and Politics [in German]

Courses held before 2020

Summer Term 2017 Freedom from Violence – A Utopia? Theoretical Approaches [in German]

Summer Term 2015 Orientalism and Occidentalism. The West and Its Others [in German]

Winter Term 2014 Tracing Human Rights Through the City [in German]

Summer Term 2014 What is Violence? Concepts, Theories, Perspectives [in German]

Winter Term 2013 War, Peace, and Gender. Feminist Perspectives [in German]

Summer Term 2013 Symbolic, Structural and Cultural Violence [in German]

Winter Term 2012 Battle of the Sexes for the Occident. Gender in Debates on the Occident and the Orient [in German]

Summer Term 2012 What is Violence? [in German]

Winter Term 2011 Human Rights & the University [in German]

Summer Term 2011 Orientalism and Occidentalism. Reflections on the West and Its Others [in German]

Winter Term 2010 War, Peace, and Gender. The Field of International Relations from a Feminist Perspective [in German]

University of Augsburg, Chair for Political Science, Peace and Conflict Research

Winter Term 2016 Epistemic Violence, Coloniality and the Geopolitics of Knowledge [in German]

University of Vienna, Department of Development Studies

Summer Term 2016 Coloniality and the Geopolitics of Knowledge [in German]

Winter Term 2008 and Winter Term 2009 Theory and Criticism of Science [in German]

University of Vienna, Department of Political Science

Winter Term 2008 and Winter Term 2009 Embedded Feminism as Epistemic Violence [in German]

Summer Term 2006 and Summer Term 2007 Gender in International Relations [in German]

Winter Term 2003 and Winter Term 2004 Un/heard Approaches to the Middle East Conflict [in German]

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies

Summer Term 2009 Embedded Feminism and/as Epistemic Violence [in German]

Winter Term 2006 The Category of Gender in the Making of the Political [in German]

Adult Education and Extracurricular Youth Work

1999-2003 Trainer for the European Voluntary Service in Austria

1993-2000 Trainer for Youth Work and Adult Education

1986-1990 Voluntary Team Leader Pertaining to Extracurricular Children and Youth Work